Suburban Animal Hospital in Arlington boarding

Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding facility is designed to keep cats separate from dogs, making them more comfortable. Their boarding area is located on the second floor, which is nice and quiet for them. The location of our cat boarding area is perfectly situated in front of our doctors' offices to allow for a quick doctor check throughout the day.

Our feline guests stay in rooms called cat condos, which are larger than normal cages complete with sleeping decks and multi-room portals, although we general do not provide access to the second room if the guest is injured or if we have an excessive number of boarders present at our facility. All of our cat condos offer our feline guests a view of either the outside or another room to help alleviate boredom and stress.

Suburban Animal Hospital in Arlington boarding

Dog Boarding

Our canine guests have different needs from our feline guests, so their boarding area is made to accommodate them. We provide our dogs with a downstairs boarding area where they can have access to a protected walking yard. Each guest is taken out on individual leash walks by a kennel technician and their elimination is monitored to ensure that they are exhibiting healthy behaviors.

We like to give our canine guests opportunities for one-on-one interaction with our kennel technicians when they are being walked, but we keep them separated from each other for safety reasons. Our canine boarding area is positioned so that our quests can see the treatment room through the windows so they don't feel isolated and are continually supervised.