Pet Care

Advanced pet care.

ICU cage:

At Suburban Animal Hospital, we provide a state-of-the-art ICU cage for our patients in need of extra special care and attention. Our unit is located in the center of the treatment room, easily accessible to our doctors and veterinary technicians who will be providing continuous attention to your pet. The unit is large enough to hold a big dog and can also be divided to make a comfortable space for smaller pets as well.

Our ICU cage features:

  • Temperature Controlled Environment
  • Oxygen Flow That Can Be Set to the Doctors Exact Specifications
  • Heated Floors
  • Humidity Controls
  • HEPA Filters for Incoming and Outgoing Air

We often use the ICU cage for patients that are in critical condition, suffering from illness, or have recently undergone major surgery. This unit is especially useful for patients with respiratory issues or heart conditions, and patients who have recently experienced trauma or surgical procedures.

Isolation room:

Pets with contagious illnesses that are easily spread sometimes need to be quarantined: from their families and fellow pets, as well as from the other patients at Suburban Animal Hospital. We provide isolation units for pets in these serious circumstances.

Our isolation cages are self-contained, with air entering the area through filters. Air is also exhausted through HEPA filters and an ultraviolet light irradiation system that kills bacteria and viruses. It is then sent to the outside of the hospital so that our other patients are protected from any remaining contagions. All waste from the isolation cages is sent directly to the sewage system. We keep the room's air pressure at a low P.S.I. using an exhaust fan. This negative air pressure keeps the air from entering any other rooms.

Our isolation unit has a separate entry door that keeps it completely isolated from our main hospital and walking area. The exhaust goes to the opposite side of the hospital away from the area where any of our other patients will be, and the ventilation system is entirely separate. You can rest assured that if your pet needs to be isolated, they will be in a safe, confined space, and if your pet is staying in our hospital, they are fully safe from all infectious illnesses that our isolated patients may have.