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Cat laying down and stretching

About Us

Who We Are

What sets us apart from other veterinary hospitals is our love for animals, because each one of our team members genuinely loves providing veterinary care, but also sharing our lives with our beloved four-legged friends. It is not at all unusual to find one of our technicians sitting in a cage cradling a sick dog, carrying on a conversation with a homesick kitty, or carrying around a surgical patient in order to monitor them more closely. Our team members are always going above and beyond the expected to provide truly exceptional care to our patients and clients.

We are able to provide top-of-the-line veterinary technology, including laser surgery, ultrasound, and digital radiography, just to name a few. Our innovative nursing tools enable us to provide the best care, all supplemented by the most compassionate treatment from our team.

Emergency Power

As a part of our continued care for you and your pet, Suburban Animal Hospital has three separate emergency power back-up systems in case we lose electrical power for any reason. The first system affects our lighting: 1/3 of the ceiling lights have battery back-up power that comes on instantly if power fails and these will maintain light for 2 hours. The second system is a battery bank system that supplies power to our computers, surgical equipment, and laboratory equipment, and this keeps our machines running for at least 6 hours. The third system is a 50 kilowatt generator that automatically comes on 30 seconds after a power loss, supplying power to all essential areas of the hospital, excluding only the x-ray machine and the air conditioners. This third system is also able to recharge the first two, keeping us running indefinitely!